Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by and seeing what I’m up to. At the moment I’m sweating away in about 35 degree heat, in my guest room one of these dog days on August in Cluj Napoca, Romania. I’m about ready to head to city and catch a bus to Tirgu Mures for a coffee house concert tomorrow night. This is my second year in a row to Europe, which is unusual somewhat, but it’s a similar schedule as that of last year, starting off the tour in mid July with 2-3 weeks in Ontario, Canada, before heading to Europe til early December.

So backing up to earlier in the year, I was home for several months and did record another album, tho it was a almost last minute decision to do a Christmas album, my second one (first being in 2004), entitled strangely enough, ‘First Christmas’. So it’s done and will be officially released later in the year…but for early orders, just let me know…will also be on cdbaby (and Itunes etc.) in Oct. sometime.

I also had a great 4 weeks tour in Calgary and Saskatoon area, which was wonderfully blessed and special to see friends there again.

Next year’s plans include revisiting S.E. Asia, namely Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines, and in more central Asia, Nepal and India for the first time. Will probly include a few more stops if we can swing it.

As always, can’t state how much your prayers and love/support mean. I believe we are leading up to the final stages of the story of this world (as we now know it), and we must all remain true to Christ and our call, and finish our races, eyes on Christ all the way…to that end, I wish you all God’s great grace and blessings…love Rob