‘You only see what you believe
And only then will you perceive
There’s so much more than meets the eye
Take a walk on the wild side’ (from the title track ‘The Wild Side’)

Hi everyone, welcome to ‘The Wild Side,’ Rob’s 19th CD release. Songs from ‘The Wild Side’ reflect a deep passion and contagious joy of spirit. These songs are inspired from a myriad of experiences of life on the road, but even more so, from a life journey of faith following the One who calls us, through all the dangers and drama…home. This album is deeply spiritual yet bursting with a joy and energy of heart, inviting the listener to join this sojourner on the great adventure undertaken.

Some good news. I have heard recently from several Christian radio sources in Canada, that the amount of great Canadian Gospel Music this year is overwhelming. One source told me they have not experienced anything like this in 40 years. Way to go Canada! So it is with even greater joy that I learned today that I received 3 nominations for the 2015 GMAC (Gospel Music of Canada) Covenant awards for my new album ‘The Wild Side’, as well as last Christmas’s seasonal album ‘First Christmas’.
RB (Sealion)

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